About CED

Centre for Export Development (CED) was established to support exporters to get their  foothold in the international market. We offer innovative platforms to Small and medium exporters, producers, innovators, enablers, and investors to unlock opportunities in new markets.  We focus primarily on the African, EU, US and Asian markets. We collaborate with a solid network of international stakeholders.

CED contributes to sustainable economic development through the expansion of export using technology, innovation and partnerships to bridge the gap for exporters in New Market. We strengthen the international competitive capacity of exporters by developing the export-related knowledge and skills for entrepreneurs.

Our Interventions is aimed at increasing exports, growing manufacturing capacity and creating jobs in Africa. CED does this by strengthening the competitive capacity of SMEs and linking them to the international market. CED focuses only on the part of the value chain that is involved with export. We work with key actors in the value chain, which are exporters, importers, Business Support Organizations (BSO) and governmental authorities.

Our Vision is to to be the driving force in the realization of Export as major contributors to the Africa’s economy.

Our Mission is to create opportunity and wealth through export.

Our Role is to be a facilitator, advocate and catalyst for change; to be innovative and practical in operations and excel in an environment of change.

Our Values 
Rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable workplace

Our Goals

  • Remove barriers and impediments to export growth
  • Improve business skills and knowledge in the sector
  • Foster export culture and emphasise the value and success for small business
  • create jobs by boosting entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate regional business development
  • Implement value added growth for existing businesses