Membership of an independent organisation with wide interdisciplinary interests and exposure through a non-aligned association with multidisciplinary activities and membership, the capacity to link all major sectors in the renewable energy communities and, thereby, to provide:

* Multidisciplinary teams of experts when required for specific projects or activities.

Professional Recognition & Status: Gives you credibility by belonging to a professional body.
You can display your status as an association professional in your place of business, on your website, on your business card and in business directories. It reassures customers that you are a qualified professional.
Networking: Through association with key personnel and organisations in a wide variety of disciplines throughout Africa. Networking is also important to gain a broader perspective of both macro and micro economic and industry trends. It gives you a sense of not being alone out there and having the support and camaraderie of your fellow members.
Public Awareness: CED actively promotes awareness and recognition of the status of professional members to Government, public and business communities.
Exposure is via press, media, exhibitions and association website.
Listings for members in trade and consumer directories.
Maintenance of competitive edge: Through conferences and associated events, seminars, courses, special lectures, meetings with overseas specialists, policy developments and research and development projects.
Information: Stay up-to-date with your profession. CED provides you with information on the industry through leading edge material contained in publications, including conference volumes, special subject publications and notifications and documentation from national and international organizations.
Communication: through newsletters, websites, associated links and the circulation of notifications through the association’s extensive database.
Representation: Through membership of the association on other national and international professional bodies, councils and associations, and through the participation and/or contribution of individual members on government-lead national and international initiatives, project teams, policy and strategy boards and related activities.
International coverage: Through globally spread membership of the association, links to a number of international organisations and through regional and international correspondents and associates in far distant shores.
Member Discounts: The association negotiates discounts and special offers for members on events and conferences organised by the Institute and by third parties with similar objectives.