The  Export Development Masterclass aims to develop and generate export-ready small enterprises that are globally competitive and able to grow their markets both locally and internationally.

Exporting is a tremendous learning experience for those who are open to its lessons. Often, exporting is no more a risky venture for those who grasp the expertise just like selling locally. Most companies need an international strategy to go global in marketing penetration. Let us show you how.

Scaling up through Export: Skill – Innovate – Connect

The Programme consist of:

  • Assessments
  • Trainings
  • Export development assistance
  • Promotional support
  • Market Entry

Are you READY?

  • Does your Product/services  have a niche or competitive edge?
  • Does your a market match exist for the product/services?
  • Are you committed to develop an export market?
  • Do you  have capacity for additional markets?

Benefits to SMMEs

The programme is designed to help small enterprises in Africa to acquire and apply practical skills in developing their export capabilities

Are you contemplating to grow your business through exporting? Or eager to assess your company’s readiness for Export?

Get Ready to Export
Small, medium and large businesses all have the amazing opportunity to expand internationally. The Centre for Export Development is here to help you discover the right steps that must be taken to ensure that your company is ready to export.

Make sure your company is equipped to enter the exciting exporting world

Exporting Mechanics Training Models
To be successful as a new exporter, agent or regulator, you first need to understand the basic mechanics of exporting and international trade. These training series introduce twelve key topics:

Whether you are a start-up or a mature business, this Masterclass breaks down virtually every issue a new exporter might face. Get started now and you will gain the confidence to become an international sensation with the necessary know-how.

We help you define goals while considering capabilities and constraints. Successful planning can help your business adjust to new market requirements.

The  Export Masterclass aims to equip African financial institutions, bankers and business development professionals and Entrepreneurs  to venture into export and grow their investments.

Trade has helped create jobs and wealth expansion choices while lowering prices of quality products providing satisfaction to consumers. How can we bring these benefits of international trade to more people in sustainable ways?

Stand out and head to Abuja, Nigeria for the first tour of the oncoming series of Export Masterclass and  find answers to export growth potentials.  Export Masterclass is the place to take the pulse of global trade, strategic discussions to connect businesses to new markets, and take concrete action for change.

Join the network of global marketing techniques to turnaround your expanding export development.

It is time to scale up and speed up your Export skills.