South Africa’s Global Markets Action Plan consists of comprehensive actions to advance the interests of South African businesses in a specific group of key foreign markets.

Our Markets action plan consists of comprehensive actions to advance interest in a specific group of key foreign markets. Priority markets were identified through a multi-stage process that included:

economic modelling to identify markets with high-growth potential considering Africa’s industrial capabilities and competitive advantages;
analysis of potential sources of capital, technology and talent;
key regional trading blocs and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners;
core hubs in Africa value chains; and
Guidance from key the industry role players.
Our target market includes:

European Union/Eastern Europe/ Russian
Federation/United Kingdom
Scandinavian Countries
Africa and the Middle East
North America
Australasia: Australia; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Republic of Malaysia; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Thailand; New Zealand
Central America
South America

Emerging Markets –
Emerging markets have demonstrated high potential for economic growth that are priorities for foreign direct investment, technology and/or talent; and/or part of regional trading platforms.