The Centre was formed as a result of the founders realizing the need for assisting entrepreneur, SMME becoming export orientated. Since our establishment in 2007, we have developed models and case studies that have worked in the industry. Our purpose is to help create, market and monitor Brands and reputations across the globe. CED stands on these three pillars

Institutional Action
Sectoral Actions
Promotion of African Business
We strive to transform attitude and change the new way of doing business. Our dedicated and cohesive management team ensure the Centre comply with international standard.

Our trade promotion offering also aims to serve the previously disadvantaged individuals, SMMEs who have previously been unable to acquire or access trade opportunities for export due to multiple reasons from stringent qualifying requirements.

Our target Market trade promotion offering

Micro, small and medium entrepreneur specialised information on how to sell and divulge a product or services in the world.
To foreign investors a wide catalogue of business opportunity in the country
Trade exchange opportunities with potential partners oversea
SMEs interested in foreign trade, the best electronic trade information system.