The Centre for Export Development (CED) is a renowned institution dedicated to empowering businesses and driving African economic growth through international trade. Through its clear vision and deep commitment, CED has emerged as a trusted African organization in facilitating export opportunities for enterprises.

The CED’s expertise lies in providing comprehensive support and guidance to businesses aiming to expand their reach into international markets. With a wealth of knowledge in trade dynamics, market trends, and regulatory frameworks, CED equips African enterprises with the tools and resources needed to successfully navigate the complexities of global trade.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives, CED fosters a vibrant ecosystem that connects businesses, industry experts, and government entities. By fostering dialogue and promoting collaborations, CED strives to create an enabling environment where businesses can thrive and capitalize on new trade opportunities.

At the Centre for Export Development, we leverage our unparalleled expertise in market and financial solutions to foster sustainable trade between Africa and the global community. Our mission is to bolster the competitiveness of African enterprises in the international marketplace while promoting economic growth across the continent.

To be a leader in promoting a more sustainable economy by accelerating the growth of African exporting enterprises, as well as facilitating foreign investment in Africa

CED is committed to building strong partnerships and providing tailored support to businesses, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders involved in the trade. We work diligently to remove barriers, unlock new markets, and foster an environment where trade can thrive, benefiting both Africa and the global community.


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