AfCFTA Export Passport

Unlock trade opportunities in Africa with the AfCFTA Export Passport. Learn how to navigate the platform, comply with export documentation, identify market opportunities, and leverage networking resources within the world’s largest free trade area.

Introduction to Exporting

Dive into the world of exporting and gain a foundational understanding of international trade. Explore key concepts, processes, and strategies for entering global markets and expanding your business beyond borders.

Planning for Exports

Build a solid foundation for successful exports through effective planning. Develop an export strategy, conduct market research, adapt products for international markets, and learn about pricing, logistics, and documentation essentials.

Market Entry

Learn the strategies and considerations for entering new markets with confidence. Explore market selection, research, legal compliance, risk management, and partnership development to establish a strong presence in your target markets.

Global Exporting

Master the art of international trade and capitalize on global opportunities. Understand market dynamics, cultural nuances, logistics, financing, and communication strategies necessary for successful exporting on a global scale.

Whether you’re new to exporting or seeking to enhance your international trade capabilities, our range of courses provides valuable insights and practical skills to thrive in the competitive global marketplace. Choose the courses that align with your business goals and embark on a transformative journey towards international success.