Trade Fair

Our target Market trade promotion offering

We facilitate access to government financial assistance schemes such as the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA ) . EMIA is a scheme designed to aid South African exporters in developing markets for their products, Enterprises registered as exporters may qualify for any one of the schemes. we arrange:

Outward selling missions (to promote value-added products & commodities into the international markets)

Inward buying missions (to promote value-added products into the international markets)

Exhibitions (Locally, Nationally & Internationally – to promote value-added products & commodities)

We also assist with Non financial assistance liking Facilitate travel logistical arrangements/preparations and setting up One – on – one meetings

This programme include:
• A meeting program for visiting potential partners and private and public institutions
• Participation in conferences, exhibitions etc.
• Field visits to relevant projects, retail outlets or other branch related localities.