Africa Export Awards

Cairo, Egypt – The Centre for Export Development is thrilled to unveil the exceptional winners of the inaugural Africa Export Awards, a celebration of excellence and innovation in African enterprise. This momentous event transpired on November 10, 2023, in Cairo, Egypt, underscoring remarkable achievements across various sectors of the African economy.

The Africa Export Awards (AEA) stands as the most prestigious recognition in Africa, designed to honour enterprises that have demonstrated outstanding international success through their innovative approaches, strategies, commitment, and leadership. This event spotlighted the remarkable contributions of these enterprises to the global market.

The winners of the inaugural Africa Export Awards are as follows:

Emerging Technologies: Helium Health
Clean Technology: Astevens
Consumer Products: Illovo Sugar
Digital and Media Entertainment: MTN
Emerging Exporter: Trindiva
Manufactured Products: Ezz Steel Company
Natural Resources: Vivo Energy Mauritius
Professional Services: Ciel
Exporter of the Year: IOEC South Africa
Sustainable Trade Company of the Year: TEXFAD
Food & Drink Exporter of the Year: East African Breweries
Banker of the Year: Access Bank
High Potential Exporter Award: Emmppek Farms
Private African Business of the Year: Royal Marang
Logistics & Supply Chain Company of the Year: Tera Logistics
Services Exporter of the Year: Sokokuu Africa
Fintech of the Year: MuduPay
Manufacturer of the Year: Volkswagen Group South Africa
These companies exemplify the diverse and dynamic industries that position Africa as a rising force in the global market. The awards bear testament to their dedication and innovative spirit, setting new standards for international business excellence.

Maseli Rapuleng, CEO at the Centre for Export Development, expressed his appreciation for the outstanding work of these enterprises. He said, “The Africa Export Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of African businesses on the world stage. These companies have not only excelled in their respective sectors but have also significantly contributed to the economic growth of the continent. We are proud to recognize and honour their remarkable accomplishments.”

In addition to the awards, the Centre for Export Development (CED) is taking significant strides to further enhance Africa’s export capabilities. The organization intends to roll out a masterclass aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals to foster export growth in Africa. Additionally, CED has strategic plans to conduct a roadshow to strengthen relations with trade missions across the continent. The organization is actively seeking partnerships to facilitate and amplify export growth in Africa.

Furthermore, the Centre for Export Development has formalized an agreement with Gregory University Uturu in Nigeria to establish the first Export Development Centre in Africa, reinforcing the commitment to nurturing and advancing export initiatives on the continent.

The Africa Export Awards will persist as a platform to showcase and celebrate African excellence, inspiring businesses across the continent to strive for global success. The Centre for Export Development looks forward to another year of recognizing the outstanding achievements of African enterprises.

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